Friday, July 21, 2017

Carp fishing Orellana and Pleasure anglers

Pat, one of the London lads was over again, this time he brought mate Ryan to fish with him on the Orellana .
Ryan had several fish, nothing massive but he was amazed at the place and the energy these fish have. 

Pat on the other hand, got beat up again!!!  He lost 3 big lumps. 
I dont know what it is with this group of lads, over the 9 trips or so, ok they have had fish to over 60lb, but loosing so many big fish, its unreal. Its not as if they are bad anglers, Pat has a UK PB of 59,5lb.
Pat will be back for sure, and one day he will get a huge lump out.

Polish lads over for a few days Tip fishing, 
(our first group of Polish ever) and what an interesting week it was. 

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