Monday, November 21, 2016

Ellis is back again.

Ellis Brazier has been back again, last time he was here doing an article , 24hrs Bog n Baz for Carp World. This time he was with friend Wesley for a short 3 day trip.

The full moon was out, an easterly breeze and freezing temperatures overnight had hit us so we decided to fish another lake that is not hardly fished by carp anglers. The  Orellana would be slow with these conditions. 

With only 3 days fishing we decided to tackle a hard area looking for a lump, but next morning after a quiet night they decided to move and hit the feeding area.
After moving 6 km through the private finca, with the only living things around us other than Vultures and birds of prey, being  Wild Boar and Deer, we set up and Wesley was first into a fish. His alarms went from silent to a full on scream and as he picked his rod up it immediate flattened and he pulled out.

After that he and Ellis went onto small baits and fished over bags, there was a lot of fish in the area. 

I woke at around 4.30 am seeing Ellis leaning into a fish. He had only just cast his 3 rods out and hit the sack when the first one went off.  After around 45 mins the other 2 rods had screamed off and  he hit the sack again, exhausted, this time with all rods leaning against the bivvy, he had had enough.

The last night he stepped up the bait size and it was Wesley's turn to have over a dozen runs, between them they had around 40 runs, nothing massive but great fun under the conditions. 

Ellis had a bonus double figure Barbel under his belt, and then he armed himself with my FLY rod, yes FLY. Whilst packing up he spent an hour or so stalking for carp, the first hit he had pulled as it screamed down the bay, the next cleaned him off. 

They are so much impressed with the fishing in the area that Ellis is already planning another trip in the next month for predators and fly fishing for Carp and Barbel. Wesley cant wait for a pass to get over to have a go at the Orellana. 

See you soon boys

Sunday, November 13, 2016

London lads back again

The London lads were back again, not great conditions as light easterlies we set in but they stuck at it. Nothing massive, but Lee managed to loose another big fish.

As the wind changed to westerlies I managed to get a couple of days in myself, unfortunately it brought the cold and temperatures plummeted.  

Saturday, November 05, 2016

The Dutch have been back again, between them they had over 55 runs, unfortunately they didn't have anything huge, Erwin lost a good fish.

They landed five 40lb plus fish to 45lb, not really what they are used to getting here. 

Here's a couple of photos, we are not posting many photos as they have background in them, they just cant get their heads round the problem we have with posting this type of pictures.

On arrival, straight into the bar for a drink with their friend Jorge the Driver

The shuttle taxi drivers do some mileage.
A top of of groceries