Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sept to November update

We've no time to do a full update at the moment.. however some catches can be seen on our facebook page via the following link.


The Dutch managed a PB mirror this season, that's a PB every year for the last 4 yrs.
A 36lb pb for Jeff
Joe had fish to 37.5lb again a PB
Alex smashed his PB by 20 lb, managing 2x40s to 43.5lb
Ricky, landed his PB Mirror of 49lb 14oz, along with 2 other mid 40's,,,,, and he is back this week, already banking another 43.5lb Common

A few lads have been beaten up, some by 20's running them ragged, Joe got bitch slapped by a upper 30, he also lost 5 out of the first 6 runs, but soon got to grips with the wild Orellana carp and managed 22 runs in total.
Ricky was ran ragged by a 33lb'er then a lump he lost after a 35 min battle....
That's the Orellana for you, Wild powerful fish