Monday, October 22, 2012

October saw the return of the Dutch trio, their 4th year with us, its always a pleasure to have them, crazy buggers!!! 
They worked hard sticking it out on boilies in an area of the Orellana where Carp are not really used to them.
Over the last 2 years Erwin had fish at 21.5kg and 22kg, this year it was Derek and Erics turns. They both had new PB´s, 22kg ( 48lb 8oz) Mirror for Eric and 23.3kg (51lb 4oz) Common for Derek.
In all they had 16 fish with an average of 15.45kg - thats over 34lbs, all wild Carp. 
Dereks PB Common of 51lb 4oz

he also had this 32lb Mirror, equalling his Mirror PB


Erics (pretty boy) had a new PB, a cracking Orellana Mirror at 48lb 8oz
Craig wet his lines for a couple of nights and banked this 36lb 8 oz Common


In recent months I have managed a couple of social sessions with Jake, the guide at Sierra Brava Dreams. Not that I get much free time during the season, but when I do, it’s nice to fish with someone.
This time was to be on Orellana (the Bitch as he calls it) Jake is a cracking angler, his baiting and casting is spot on, and like me everything has to be right. He tackled the Orellana by himself without picking my brains, ok he might have cast a couple of sly looks whilst I was baiting my rigs…..
This session on Orellana turned out to be hard, we were on the fish but they were being very finicky. I changed my hook baits to try and entice a take and it worked, however I kept on dropping fish. Of course I got the ´piss´ taken out of me, but as I said, at least ´I´ was getting runs.

It wasn’t long before Jake had his first Orellana carp at 22lb 10oz, it had taken 16 days for him and he deserved it.
I was on a run of dropping fish, normally I would change things, however everything was good, I was happy with my end tackle, and it was only because the fish weren’t having it, an Orellana thing… I was concerned, but nothing I could do would change this……
The runs were few and far between, I had banked a couple of upper doubles and a 35lb common, however the hard work paid off on the final morning. I had landed a common at 42lb and Jake was into his second fish, a cracking common at over 39lb, well deserved that man…. In all I had only landed 5 carp out of the 9 takes, but hey, that’s fishing….

Jakes second Orellana carp at over 39lb