Thursday, May 28, 2009

Over the years we have been here in Extremadura we have not illegally fished nights, only fishing the few occasions when we have had legal permission.
Catching Carp during the day on the Orellana is not easy, however our guests have enjoyed some great fishing with up to 22 runs in 1 day and we generally average around 6 runs a day. There are a lot of smaller fish around the 20lb mark showing this year and many 40lb plus fish coming out regularly, how long before the lumps start to show regularly. So roll on when night fishing arrives, it’s only going to get better.
Sierra Brava is an easier water to get runs and would expect most guests to land fish to mid 30’s, its stuffed with doubles and fish to 40lb. There are bigger fish lurking in this water, but with the many trees and sharp rocks below the waterline, a lot of tackle and fish are lost.

With legal night fishing just over the horizon, we have been out doing more research, basically putting into practice what we already know.
Craig fished the Orellana a little differently to how we normally fish during the day, over 4 nights in different pegs with no prebaiting, the result was 23 runs with fish to upper 30‘s.

So let’s see how things go, in-between pleasure fishing, social events and office work, we hope to get in a few more nights on the bank in the near future.
For further info on night fishing, drop us an email or give us a call.

It was good to see the ‘Carp R Us’ anglers again (I think I’ve spelt it right)
After a couple of hard days fishing in temperatures reaching 35 degrees they managed to get some good nets of fish including crucians, Carp and the odd Barbel - they were preoccupied in spawning. The heavy socializing with the locals didn’t help a couple of the club members, (Bob n Chris) there not a pretty sight at the best of times. A nice bunch with some great personalities, we hope you all enjoyed your trip, it will be great to see you all later on in the year, hopefully Craig will get some time to get to fish with you.

Novice Carp angler John joined us for an insight into Carping.
Finding it difficult to get runs with the high temperatures for the first 3 days he decided to do a couple of nights. A good decision, he had 10 runs the first night and 6 the second resulting in a PB of 26lb.
Not a bad result for his first time Carp fishing for an angler that arrived not knowing what a hair rig was.