Monday, July 20, 2009

New look Website and Night Fishing Package
As we are entering into our 10th year in the Guided fishing Business we thought it was time to update our website. It has had a lot of changes over the years but never redesigned and looks a bit tatty round the edges.

This coincides with our the fantastic news that we can now in the position to offer night fishing packages for Specimen Carp both on Orellana and Sierra Brava.

After a long wait we are now pleased to announce our new night fishing packages
o Night Fishing on the Orellana
o Sierra Brava night fishing
o Specimen Barbel Night Fishing
o Robinson Crusoe Package
Now that we are able to offer night fishing, the potential of this superb venue is unimaginable.
Check out our new look website and details of our packages
Disabled angler Andy is back to brave the heat.

Craig decided to join Andy for a short social session on Sierra Brava. The fishing was slow in the heat; in the 3 days Andy was there he had only managed 3 runs with fish to 15lb.
Craig suggested a move to another part of the lake due to the weather conditions. It was hitting upper 30´s for most of the day and the fairly strong breeze hadn’t changed direction in weeks.
After the move Craig soon realised that they would still struggle for runs, it wasn’t to be like the last visit with Kai a week or so earlier, there wasn’t much fish movement. Andy decided to use a variation of baits, pop up corn, tigers and a Quest Baits Fruity Trifle Boilie. Craig on the other hand stuck to his usual bait on all rods, A-Tract boilies. Over the 48 hours session Craig managed 9 runs and Andy 3.
As time crept by there was a little interest, Andy’s pop-up corn produced a 10lb common and he pulled out of a good fish on his Boilie rod. Craig had 4 runs from small fish and one from a lump that he pulled out of as he tried to keep it out of the sunken trees on the far bank.
As evening drew in on the first day, Andy had a couple of beeps shortly followed by a screaming run on his Boilie rod that was in open water. This familiar kind of take usually results in a bigger fish so Craig rushed over, it turned out to be a decent fish, new PB Common of 39lb 4oz.
Disabled Andy with his new PB Common taken on Quest Baits Fruity Trifle. Let’s hope there’s more to come for him over the next week or so.

Friday, July 10, 2009


It’s been a while since we have fished Sierra Brava and our return was not a disappointment.

Kai opted for a bit of snag fishing on The Brava, as he was travelling alone this gave Craig the perfect opportunity to fish with him.
In 2 short daylight sessions totalling 44 hours they managed 40 runs and a PB for Kai.

Nothing huge was landed even though they were fishing an area with no trees within 100 meters; they still lost several lumps to snags.

Kai can’t wait to return now he has had a taste of this exciting fishing.


Summer TOKS Big Four International Online Competition
25/6/2009 - 25/8/2009

EASTERN REGION: Continents: Europe - Asia - Africa - Australia
The Online Keepsack is debuting the first ever BIG FOUR INTERNATIONAL carp fishing competition. This online contest requires anglers to submit their heaviest four carp from any waters in the world. Only your 4 BIGGEST CARP will count. Compete in any 60 day seasonal contest by submitting your BIGGEST FOUR FISH that were caught within the time frame of the contest you choose to enter.


1st place -Specialist Tackle / Carpworld magazine

2nd place - Sonik Sports / Carpology magazine

3rd place - CCMoore Quality Baits / Planet Prints / Online Fishing TV BIG FISH PRIZE - Concept For You