Thursday, October 08, 2015

Dutch out again

The Dutch trio are out again,   first 4 fish landed weigh in at 152,3394lbs (69.1kg) and that includes a Barbel.

So the average is over 38lb.
More to come 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Back on the Orellana with a PB Mirror of 60lb 4oz ( 27.35kg) 
It's been a while since I have been carp fishing on the Orellana, only my second session of the year as we are setting up to provide Predator Fishing in the area. My first being a 4 day session in February with a freezing easterly wind, however Joe did get his PB.

I was only carp fishing as Cliff was over alone and I fished with him, Cliff had 22 Carp, 3 x 40s, around 8 upper 30's, a PB Barbel and even a few Black Bass on his carp rod as we packed up. All in all a great week full of surprises and great company.

Setting up the Predator side has been hard work, and Carp fishing has been put to one side, however we are back on the Orellana over the next months. 

Rick and the lads were over again in May, they managed fish to over 60lb, and lost a fair few in the process, a couple of big lumps.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Superb Predator Fishing in Extremadura

Its been a while since we have been on the bank Carp fishing, its down to the fact that we have been setting up to accommodate Predator fishing here.
Two Spanish anglers, Tomas and Justo, are now working with us and we are ready to go. We offer Predator fishing from Float Tube and a 6 m Skiff.

Tom Sintobin, Justo and Maikel with a traditional Spanish
 Wild Boar dish delivered to our door

Top Predator anglers, Thomas Sintobin and Dutch Zander champion, Maikel have already visited us here and had great results. Keep an eye out for the article to see what they caught, soon to be published in well known Predator Publications.