Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Novice Carp Anglers on the Orellana

Christian and John took on the Orellana and won, over the 3 days the novice anglers had plenty of fish. They landed several 30´s between them, Johns took the biggest fish at 44lb, he is a sample of their catches. More photos of the 30´s still to come.

Pleasure Fishing

Dave, owner of North West Angling Center, visited for a 4 day break. Due to illness he only managed 2 days fishing, he banked around 15 Barbel, several carp including this 14.5lb new PB , all on tip tactics
. Beer monster Chris and friends only fished days. He they are all with new PB - well all except Chris, unfortunately as the saying goes, the big one gotta way. A great laugh was had by all, I´m just hope Chris and George dont returnat the same time, couldnt handle them both at once. Look forward to seeing you next year,

For Ian´s second visit this year, he decided to go for Specimen Carp rather than course fishing. They only fished the days, enjoying the local cuisine and night life in the village on the evenings. Unfortunatley Mick pulled out of mid to upper 30lb Mirror at the net after a right tussle, however they both still managed a new PB each.