Thursday, November 18, 2010

Orellana Carp Fishing

There’s still more PB´s to come from the last few weeks, we will post them when we get chance.

In the mean while heres another previously uncaught Orellana Common.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Flying Dutchmen return to Orellana

As expected the next week was full of laughs and banter. Derek, Erwin and Erik from Rotterdam like to enjoy themselves whilst here. The thing that fueled the situation was that the two lads fishing the opposite side of the bay with Lee were from Amsterdam, at one stage football songs were being chanted from both sides. Arno thought it was a good idea to join the Rotterdam boys for a few beers one afternoon; it wasn’t, especially drinking with Erwin. When he left, he was a right mess he could hardly walk, let alone steer the boat, Beer monster Erwin carried on drinking into the evening.

The fishing was a little slow, possible due to all the noise, however the lads had a few fish, they like to enjoy their holiday, a break from work with some fishing. Heres a couple of fish they caught, Erwin with his new PB 45.5lb Orellana uncaught Wild Common.

Orellana Carp Fishing

Another Dutch visitor was Biker Martien: As the big fella was traveling alone, Craig managed to sneak in a couple of days fishing with him. Martien was set in his ways and Craig couldn’t convince him to change the ´helicopter rig´ however he managed to get him to use our suggested hook bait – well after a couple of runs that is. All rods were changed and the fish started to come. He landed around a dozen ´small´ fish to 29lb and a mid 30 when the dreaded easterly wind arrived, the temperature dropped and the runs stopped, Craig in the meanwhile had a couple of fish to just below 39lb.

Boy can this bloke drink, there was a lot of banter going on between us and, at one stage a raiding party (Rob, Craig’s nephew who was over helping out, and Martien) boated across to Lee´s group in search of beer. Well as you can see they couldn’t have got much beer in the boat with the big lad so they had a few drinks with them on the otherside of the bay …

Luckily the fish started to feed again before he had to leave, another 7 runs between them and a new PB of just below 39lb for Martien on his final morning.

Orellana Carp Fishing

Robert, Craigs nephew, has been helping us out over the last few weeks and he managed to get some time on the rods when Dave went off for a shower. A couple of years ago on his last visit, he had a 34lb PB Mirror and he’s been at it again. Another new PB Mirror of 36.6lb, and what a beauty….

As you can see most Orellana fish are fin perfect, they are wild fish and we have never seen the same fish caught twice.. Craig on the other hand has landed this 38lb 14oz Common that has to be one of the ugliest fish we have seen. Well its quite pretty next to Craig…

Novice Carp angler Dave decided to dive in at the deep end and take on the Orellana.

With only 18 months fishing experience and a PB of 16lb, he beat his PB several times. In total he had fish of 18lb, seven 20s, most around 26 – 28lb, a 34, 36, 37.5 and a cracking 45lb 14oz Common


George joined us for a couple of nights, keeping us well entertained with his antics. On his previous overnight visit he took his PB to 28lb, this time he joined us for 3 days and had three 30lb plus fish out. The fishing went a little quiet for a couple of days due to a brisk easterly wind, however George kept us from getting bored. Mauld wine was brewed, steaks cooked FlambĂ© style, you can imagine what happened when far too much Vodka was poured on… When Dave returned from the shower run he found he had a lovely garden around his bivvy – and Dave wants George to join him next year, can’t wait….