Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Win a Carp Fishing holiday on the Orellana with The Online Keepsack and Extrema Fishing Spain

Extrema Fishing have donated a couple of holidays in the UK area, so join up its free, you never know you could win a week’s fishing on the awesome Orellana.
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Chino, Craigs fishing partner, has joined the TOKS online competition and managed to sly in a
couple of 20’s from an overnight session on the Orellana, Craig will have to stop giving him tuition. Don’t forget this competition is free to join and there are some great prizes to be had.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The online keepsack competition.

The online keepsack summer competition has just ended with Craig managing to get a result.

He managed to fish half a dozen short sessions, arriving on the bank to setup about 1 hour before sunset and packing up as soon as the sun rose due to the heat. The fishing was slow as expected, a total of 9 fish mostly around the 20lb mark.

A new TOKS competition starts on 1st September, registration is free and there are some great prizes to be won.

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As usual, it’s been a hot summer with temperatures reaching the 40`s making it unbearable to be on the bank so there’s not much been to report.

We have been kept busy though, during the busy August Fiestas Craig was asked to help out behind the bar in the local hotel.

Having never been behind the bar before (well not that side) it was like a Spanish version of Fawlty Tours.

Overnight Social

Craig however, did manage to get in an overnight social with friend Carlos on the Orellana.
In total they had 4 runs, a lost fish each and Craig banking two Commons of 23lb 03 oz and this 35lb 14oz.