Friday, February 26, 2010

At last we have actually managed to get some time on the bank. Ralph, a tackle shop owner from Holland, decided to get away from the freezing weather back home and come for some winter fishing.
On a short session on The Orellana, he managed to bank a 25lb Common before moving to concentrate on Sierra Brava.

¨Beaten up on Brava¨
Fishing during daylight hours only, and considering the constant change in bad weather conditions, he didn’t do too bad having around 20 runs resulting in some 20´s and 2 x 30lb plus Mirrors. One fish he did loose was a very strong, during the battle Ralph managed to gain line only to be cleaned him off on a snag on the third powerful run.

Ralph was totally gutted, as we all know the loss of a good fish is always disappointing. He soon got over it after Lee and Craig had cracked up at the volley of English swearwords in a strong Dutch accent….. After all there’s no point beating yourself up even more.

We are pleased to announce that Extrema Fishing Spain and Catch Carp Spain have teamed up and are to work alongside each other. Not only do we feel the combined experience and knowledge of these already well established companies is a positive move for both parties, but more importantly, beneficial to our guests.

We now have more known productive areas to fish, 60 years fishing experience under our belts and 13 years in the Guided Fishing business.

Guests will be starting to arrive soon as we enter into a busy period, we will be getting some hours fishing in. Apart from Ralphs visit, it’s something we haven’t managed to do over the last month or so... We’ve been a bit busy organizing, attending some important meetings with government officials and running around the country looking for a replacement 4x4. Unfortunately the Nissan developed engine trouble, probably due to the thrashing it got a few weeks ago on our rallying excursion.