Sunday, June 06, 2010

The World Carp Classic España qualifier took place last weekend.

The competition was spread over 3 sections of the Orellana, all very different, the total weight of Carp caught was 725.75kg of fish over 5kg. A couple of good anglers drew the flyer peg and caught 40 fish with a total of 369.5kg.

Our 2 pairs both did well considering, one managing to take second place. They drew the peg next to the flyer, giving the eventual winners a run for their money at times but really had no chance to compete with the good anglers on the almost guaranteed winning swim.

Our other pair drew a very slow section where few fish were caught; they redeemed themselves with a lot of hard work and managed a respectable 4th place.

We will let you know more when the official WCC site releases more information.