Sunday, November 15, 2009

We would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a

Merry Christmas

and a

Happy New Year.

It’s been a bit busy week or so with guests on short breaks and a mix between Carp and Barbel fishing.

Lee, a very experienced angler on foreign waters who has banked several fish over 50lb with a current PB of 74lb, joined us for 4 nights.
Conditions were very hard for him on his first taste the Orellana, gale force winds for the first 3 days made life difficult. He battled on as the Orellana Carp got the better of him, out of the 7 or 8 runs he only managed to land 2 fish.

Things got worse as Craig set up next to him for a day and banked a couple of fish to over 30lb, to make things worse Alan fished the following day and also had a couple of runs resulting in this fish just below 30lb.

Here’s one of the fish he did land…… and what a smile to go with it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lee can’t wait to return to get his own back on these Orellana Carp; Craig is looking forward to fishing alongside him on his next visit.

Comizo Barbel Fishing

Barbel fishing was equally daunting for Dave on his 3 day visit, they didn’t get their heads down and he only had several takes, the best fish being this fish just scraping double figures. Alan landed a couple of Comizos and got cleaned off by a very good fish.

Overall a great time was had by all; the big fella Mick kept us all laughing with his imaginative sense of humor. I’m sure it won’t take long for “the French Man Dave” and the “Romanian guide” to get their true identities back.

Heres a couple of emails from recent guests, its things like this that makes all the hard work seem worthwhile.

Thanks again for a great trip. Fishing was a bit hard but at least I only blanked one day out of 3 which is no worse than I’d do at home probably. That’s the way it goes. I still had a brilliant time and really appreciate all the hard work you were putting in for us. I’d recommend you to anybody. Mick and Alan were absolutely brilliant as well. Top guys and very funny. We’d better credit Mick too for my Comizos as he was the one spotting my rod go off on 2 of them when I was over talking to him. He’s as good as a bite alarm and much more entertaining and a good baiter-upper. Every angler should have one.


During the course of the trip we had six upper 20's and four 30's, up to a PB 37lb scale perfect common. One fish, the one I lost, took 100 yards of line on a tight clutch and after an epic twenty minute battle the hook pulled. My guide Craig Reid, told me that it was a huge huge fish, one in a life time! Seeing that the record is over 79lbs my flight is booked for next year.
Will also be returning next year as Craig is a top class guide and will bend over backwards to put the customer first.

Thanks once again for the pictures and for teaching me so much new stuff, I appreciate it.

see you next year for the capture of General Sherman (and not the bull)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Orellana Carp Fishing

Last week was slightly easier, despite the light easterly winds, Carp fishing on the Orellana. Brendon was on his own for most of the week then being joined by Stu for the weekend.

Brendon, who has fished smaller 50 acre lakes in UK and France, adapted well to this huge lake. The fishing was quite slow with erratic feeding times and areas; we had to work at it to get runs however when we did most were good fish.

Heres a couple of fish landed, including a new PB Common.

Unfortunately as he describes it, he ‘lost Captain Sherman’ due to a hook pull as it tore off from the margin after a long battle.

Stu, who had an encounter with a large Orellana Carp on his first trip a few months ago, got the better of the fish this time; he converted all the runs. Here's a couple of his captures.

Even Craig managed to fish, heres a couple of his catches.

Extremadura Tourist Board Press Trip
We’ve have had a busy fortnight with a wide variation of guiding. We were employed by the Extremadura Tourist Board for a four day Press trip with guests from Holland and UK.
The trip was based on lure and Fly Fishing for Barbel and Black Bass on four different venues throughout the county that is larger than Holland. The group consisted of some top class anglers / writers from Holland and UK
Two days of heavy rain just before the guests arrived didn’t help matters; however in the tight schedule with only a few hours of fishing on each venue, we did ok. Bob and Robert stuck it out on the fly whilst the others fished the lure.

6.5lb plus Barbel taking dry fly

Bob was well chuffed with landing a Barbel around 7lb on the dry fly, the other guests banked Barbel to over 6lb, Zander and Black Bass on lure tactics.

The lads were a great bunch; they all loved the area and the fishing it offers. We are looking forward to seeing them again soon as they are already planning future trips..

Friday, October 16, 2009

Orellana Carping

After a week away visiting family Craig managed to get back onto the Orellana for a couple of short sessions. The first a social with Chino and Marie Jose, Chino works with his Dad and doesnt get a lot of free time to fish so he wanted to squeeze a few hours fishing in over the bank holiday weekend. They fished 2 days with Easterly winds but still managed a total of 13 runs between them. Only 2 fish were below 20lb and Chino banked a 14kg plus fish that he will be loading onto the TOKS competition to help him in securing the 1st position he holds.

Most of the other fish were mid to upper 20´s.

The second overnighter, Craig went alone, a much needed break away from organising another Tourist Board Trip for Tour Operators and writers from Dutch and Uk fishing magazines. Conditions were far from perfect with the easterly wind still blowing however he still had a couple of runs resulting in this fin perfect 14.5kg Common and.......

this cracking half Albino Carp.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Craig managed to get a little time to do some pleasure fishing with Steve and Linda. They all got beaten up by the small carp on float tactics, even the small carp here are very strong.

We have only managed a few days Carp fishing in-between Pleasure angling and loads of office work. Fish around the 25lb mark are showing regularly with a couple of 30s to 36lb and up to 5 runs a night.

A couple of PB’s for Tony and Arthur on their first trip here, Craig managed to make some free time to advise them, next time they will have a better idea of how to tackle the Orellana.

Thanks to Specialist tackle for the great prize in the TOKS 4 online competition. The ATTs silent alarms have arrived and hopefully won’t be silent for long. Carpology Magazine are covering the event in the European section and a small article about Craig winning the TOKS4 Summer contest will be featured soon.

Carpworld are covering the event for the UK area. We will be able to read about it as Craig also won a years subscription in the competition, another great prize

Thanks to Total Carp Magazine and JRC for awarding Andy a prize for his PB Common whilst fishing with us.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Win a Carp Fishing holiday on the Orellana with The Online Keepsack and Extrema Fishing Spain

Extrema Fishing have donated a couple of holidays in the UK area, so join up its free, you never know you could win a week’s fishing on the awesome Orellana.
Check out all the other great prizes to be had

Chino, Craigs fishing partner, has joined the TOKS online competition and managed to sly in a
couple of 20’s from an overnight session on the Orellana, Craig will have to stop giving him tuition. Don’t forget this competition is free to join and there are some great prizes to be had.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The online keepsack competition.

The online keepsack summer competition has just ended with Craig managing to get a result.

He managed to fish half a dozen short sessions, arriving on the bank to setup about 1 hour before sunset and packing up as soon as the sun rose due to the heat. The fishing was slow as expected, a total of 9 fish mostly around the 20lb mark.

A new TOKS competition starts on 1st September, registration is free and there are some great prizes to be won.

Please show your support for all the hard work Ken does and the sponsors of this event by visiting the website



As usual, it’s been a hot summer with temperatures reaching the 40`s making it unbearable to be on the bank so there’s not much been to report.

We have been kept busy though, during the busy August Fiestas Craig was asked to help out behind the bar in the local hotel.

Having never been behind the bar before (well not that side) it was like a Spanish version of Fawlty Tours.

Overnight Social

Craig however, did manage to get in an overnight social with friend Carlos on the Orellana.
In total they had 4 runs, a lost fish each and Craig banking two Commons of 23lb 03 oz and this 35lb 14oz.

Monday, July 20, 2009

New look Website and Night Fishing Package
As we are entering into our 10th year in the Guided fishing Business we thought it was time to update our website. It has had a lot of changes over the years but never redesigned and looks a bit tatty round the edges.

This coincides with our the fantastic news that we can now in the position to offer night fishing packages for Specimen Carp both on Orellana and Sierra Brava.

After a long wait we are now pleased to announce our new night fishing packages
o Night Fishing on the Orellana
o Sierra Brava night fishing
o Specimen Barbel Night Fishing
o Robinson Crusoe Package
Now that we are able to offer night fishing, the potential of this superb venue is unimaginable.
Check out our new look website and details of our packages
Disabled angler Andy is back to brave the heat.

Craig decided to join Andy for a short social session on Sierra Brava. The fishing was slow in the heat; in the 3 days Andy was there he had only managed 3 runs with fish to 15lb.
Craig suggested a move to another part of the lake due to the weather conditions. It was hitting upper 30´s for most of the day and the fairly strong breeze hadn’t changed direction in weeks.
After the move Craig soon realised that they would still struggle for runs, it wasn’t to be like the last visit with Kai a week or so earlier, there wasn’t much fish movement. Andy decided to use a variation of baits, pop up corn, tigers and a Quest Baits Fruity Trifle Boilie. Craig on the other hand stuck to his usual bait on all rods, A-Tract boilies. Over the 48 hours session Craig managed 9 runs and Andy 3.
As time crept by there was a little interest, Andy’s pop-up corn produced a 10lb common and he pulled out of a good fish on his Boilie rod. Craig had 4 runs from small fish and one from a lump that he pulled out of as he tried to keep it out of the sunken trees on the far bank.
As evening drew in on the first day, Andy had a couple of beeps shortly followed by a screaming run on his Boilie rod that was in open water. This familiar kind of take usually results in a bigger fish so Craig rushed over, it turned out to be a decent fish, new PB Common of 39lb 4oz.
Disabled Andy with his new PB Common taken on Quest Baits Fruity Trifle. Let’s hope there’s more to come for him over the next week or so.

Friday, July 10, 2009


It’s been a while since we have fished Sierra Brava and our return was not a disappointment.

Kai opted for a bit of snag fishing on The Brava, as he was travelling alone this gave Craig the perfect opportunity to fish with him.
In 2 short daylight sessions totalling 44 hours they managed 40 runs and a PB for Kai.

Nothing huge was landed even though they were fishing an area with no trees within 100 meters; they still lost several lumps to snags.

Kai can’t wait to return now he has had a taste of this exciting fishing.


Summer TOKS Big Four International Online Competition
25/6/2009 - 25/8/2009

EASTERN REGION: Continents: Europe - Asia - Africa - Australia
The Online Keepsack is debuting the first ever BIG FOUR INTERNATIONAL carp fishing competition. This online contest requires anglers to submit their heaviest four carp from any waters in the world. Only your 4 BIGGEST CARP will count. Compete in any 60 day seasonal contest by submitting your BIGGEST FOUR FISH that were caught within the time frame of the contest you choose to enter.


1st place -Specialist Tackle / Carpworld magazine

2nd place - Sonik Sports / Carpology magazine

3rd place - CCMoore Quality Baits / Planet Prints / Online Fishing TV BIG FISH PRIZE - Concept For You



Saturday, June 06, 2009

We are very pleased to announce that Extrema Fishing Spain are now in the position to offer Night fishing packages for Specimen Carp and Barbel on the Orellana. Check out our new packages and prices on our website

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Over the years we have been here in Extremadura we have not illegally fished nights, only fishing the few occasions when we have had legal permission.
Catching Carp during the day on the Orellana is not easy, however our guests have enjoyed some great fishing with up to 22 runs in 1 day and we generally average around 6 runs a day. There are a lot of smaller fish around the 20lb mark showing this year and many 40lb plus fish coming out regularly, how long before the lumps start to show regularly. So roll on when night fishing arrives, it’s only going to get better.
Sierra Brava is an easier water to get runs and would expect most guests to land fish to mid 30’s, its stuffed with doubles and fish to 40lb. There are bigger fish lurking in this water, but with the many trees and sharp rocks below the waterline, a lot of tackle and fish are lost.

With legal night fishing just over the horizon, we have been out doing more research, basically putting into practice what we already know.
Craig fished the Orellana a little differently to how we normally fish during the day, over 4 nights in different pegs with no prebaiting, the result was 23 runs with fish to upper 30‘s.

So let’s see how things go, in-between pleasure fishing, social events and office work, we hope to get in a few more nights on the bank in the near future.
For further info on night fishing, drop us an email or give us a call.

It was good to see the ‘Carp R Us’ anglers again (I think I’ve spelt it right)
After a couple of hard days fishing in temperatures reaching 35 degrees they managed to get some good nets of fish including crucians, Carp and the odd Barbel - they were preoccupied in spawning. The heavy socializing with the locals didn’t help a couple of the club members, (Bob n Chris) there not a pretty sight at the best of times. A nice bunch with some great personalities, we hope you all enjoyed your trip, it will be great to see you all later on in the year, hopefully Craig will get some time to get to fish with you.

Novice Carp angler John joined us for an insight into Carping.
Finding it difficult to get runs with the high temperatures for the first 3 days he decided to do a couple of nights. A good decision, he had 10 runs the first night and 6 the second resulting in a PB of 26lb.
Not a bad result for his first time Carp fishing for an angler that arrived not knowing what a hair rig was.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Disabled angler Andy just got back and didnt take long to get into fish.

Within 16 hours of arriving he has had 4 fish, one he thought was a real lump as it peeled off all the line on his fox big pit reels before he could turn it. Andy, and a local Spanish angler who was watching, were shocked when eventually the fish popped up near the net, it was only a 24lb common.

The 3 others landed weighed in at 24lb, 31lb and 31.5lb. Over the next 4 days Andy banked 11 fish between 18lb and 33lb.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Craig and Sarah's 36 hour social with a local fishing club

We were invited to join a local club to fish the Orellana on a 36 hour social with a local Spanish fishing club.
The club President, Chino a local predator angler that Craig has converted into a carp angler, organised the event to help the novice anglers in the club to fish for bigger carp than what they normally fish for in another lake.

We didnt get much time to prepare for the first nights fishing, arriving at the bank with less than 2 hours before dark. Craig opted to use A-Tract's boilies for the session, wading out over 40 meters and sticking out a couple of kg towards a bay in the trees.

Chino and the other members, many fishing beachcaster style on telescopic rods with bells for alarms, set up 100 meters to our left and baited heavily with maize. He was straight into fish, they mopped up his heavily baited area throughout the night. He had over a dozen fish to 24lb and eventually wound in his rods to get some shut eye. Like Craig he had been working hard all week and were tired when they started fishing.

Craig had 6 fish on the 1st night, working hard as he was fishing around 150 meters, wading out each time he had to cast.

Philipe, on his first ever carp session on the Orellana arrived Saturday lunch time, he cast his rods and was soon into a fish. He did well fighting the lump considering the tackle he was using, the big common had managed to tangle with another line, which obviously didnt help matters. Craig ran over to help, wading in with a net whilst trying hard to explain how work the drag as he prepared to land the fish. Unfortunately the fish was eventually lost within yards of the net, Craig was gutted for Philipe, he got a good look at the fish and estimated it to be around 50 - 60lb. That was it, the novice anglers quickly accepted the fact you need propper tackle and decided to share Chinos spare pod and rods.

Chino lost count of the runs he had, he also managed to loose a couple of lumps, they were just too powerful and managed to get into snags.

Craig caught steadily throughout the day and was tiring, that so that he didnt fish the second night, so much for the relax and chillout weekend.

During the 36 hour session, Craig managed 21 runs, six of these resulting in 30lb plus fish.

Sarah, who has only had a couple of short sessions on Sierra Brava, fished 1 rod for 3 or 4 hours and had a couple of runs. The first fish she landed was a small common of 8lb, the second, a hard fighting new PB common.

Craig had just landed a 29lb common as Sarahs rod screamed off, the fish was quickly placed in a sack and he rushed over to help her. Here he is giving instructions as she was hanging on as the fish makes yet another run for freedom. As we say, these fish fight all the way to the net.
Sarah wearing a big smile with her new PB of 21lb and Craigs 29lb.
We dont often get to nightfish, but this just shows what results can be achieved on a short session with no prebaiting, so roll on when night fishing becomes legal. We will keep you posted on the matter.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Keith Arthurs Barbel fishing trip on the Guadiana will be screened on Sky Tv Tight Lines on 24th April and 1st May.
Extrema Fishing will soon be offering a Running River Package, fishing as Keith experienced, on waggler, stick and tip tactics.

John and Mick enjoyed some exciting Barbel Fishing having up to 70 Barbel and carp a session.

After a few weeks of Barbel fishing we finally got onto the Orellana for a bit of Carp fishing. The fishing proved difficult as the temperature plummeting 10 degrees and it rain almost everyday, the fish wouldn't get their heads down. Young Anthony's determination payed off and he landed this pb Common on his last day.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Keith Arthur and SKY TV's TIGHT LINES second visit to Extremadura

Keith and Extrema Fishing Spain's Craig fished the river section on the Guadiana for Barbel this week. Check out how it went with Keith's on SKY's TIGHT LINES to be screened on 24th April and 1st May.


We had a difficult time trying to entice the Orellana carp to feed late March, however we managed to get 4 runs in the week, an 18lb to Craigs rods, 3 to Andy's resulting in a 15, 22 and new PB of 33lb.


A short trip to Sierra Brava early march saw irregular feeding patterns, especially over the bank holiday weekend. Anglers arrived in their droves, due to the noise the fish didnt feed until the Monday when Andy had 9 fish out upto the 19lb mark. Craig had 2 out of 3 runs in the 24 hours he fished, 18lb and a lovely 22lb Mirror. We will be moving onto the Orellana over the next few weeks, lets hope we catch the lumps in a feeding mood, time will tell.