Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Orellana Carp Fishing

Last week was slightly easier, despite the light easterly winds, Carp fishing on the Orellana. Brendon was on his own for most of the week then being joined by Stu for the weekend.

Brendon, who has fished smaller 50 acre lakes in UK and France, adapted well to this huge lake. The fishing was quite slow with erratic feeding times and areas; we had to work at it to get runs however when we did most were good fish.

Heres a couple of fish landed, including a new PB Common.

Unfortunately as he describes it, he ‘lost Captain Sherman’ due to a hook pull as it tore off from the margin after a long battle.

Stu, who had an encounter with a large Orellana Carp on his first trip a few months ago, got the better of the fish this time; he converted all the runs. Here's a couple of his captures.

Even Craig managed to fish, heres a couple of his catches.

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