Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sept to November update

We've no time to do a full update at the moment.. however some catches can be seen on our facebook page via the following link.


The Dutch managed a PB mirror this season, that's a PB every year for the last 4 yrs.
A 36lb pb for Jeff
Joe had fish to 37.5lb again a PB
Alex smashed his PB by 20 lb, managing 2x40s to 43.5lb
Ricky, landed his PB Mirror of 49lb 14oz, along with 2 other mid 40's,,,,, and he is back this week, already banking another 43.5lb Common

A few lads have been beaten up, some by 20's running them ragged, Joe got bitch slapped by a upper 30, he also lost 5 out of the first 6 runs, but soon got to grips with the wild Orellana carp and managed 22 runs in total.
Ricky was ran ragged by a 33lb'er then a lump he lost after a 35 min battle....
That's the Orellana for you, Wild powerful fish

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Stll alive and kicking

Yes I am alive and kicking.. I have had a couple of phone calls from lads asking if I’m ok as I haven’t done an update,  so nice that someone care about me, thank you. Well, I have finally got round to doing an update.  It’s been a crazy year for me, as ever. 
After the season finished, I had a couple of friends over for my birthday, 22 again!!!! a mental week that was. Visiting mother for a few weeks, I don’t get time to see her during the season, its 24/7 for around 3 months, and **** did I need a chill. It was a drastic season..
We normally get a bit of rain March – April, but we had 900 litres per sq/m in March alone, that’s nearly 200 gallons per square meter. Most ever since records began, and cold, its been the coldest spring for 30 yrs…
Dam open 2nd time in many years
Famous last words *I never feel the cold* but he did, it was freezing end April 
yep, that's normally a road.

 Serena Dam, the second largest dam in Europe Bridges was opened for the first time in its 16 year life. Orellana and Garcia were opened for the second time in 30 years, roads were washed away, villages flooded, so obviously the fishing, being natural lakes – not stocked puddles, were affected somewhat…….
Never the less, we had some great laughs with the new groups of clients, all cracking lads too… some even uglier than me even…..
Normally a trickle in this stream, the flood tide line clearly visible. .

After a long drive the Dutch lads struggled along for the 5 days, we saw fish every day, around and over the baits, but no runs….  It was their first experience of the huge Orellana, and they can’t wait to have another go at it.

The Swedish group also put a lot of effort into it, the lake still rising and rain falling. They managed a couple of small fish, just below 20lb, in the crazy conditions. Two of the group were in their element as they are keen birdwatchers, the vast variety of birds kept them well occupied. Luckily they had their Swedish clothing with them, it helped against the cold and damp conditions.  
 It was the same story for Martin and Jim, we tried our best, loads of effort but conditions beat us up rotten. Never the less, they saw the potential of the Orellana when they heard a couple of lumps crash on their last night… the temp was rising and fish were moving but to no avail..
I am lucky I get to meet some cracking lads in this game, and some return year after year. Tom and John were over on their first visit, I got coffee in bed, now that’s service,, we had a scream all week, Tom might be ancient, but his mind is certainly on the ball.


Malcolm made the long journey from Dubai to take on the Orellana. With slightly better weather, we still struggled but got into the fish, fishing at around 400 meters, nothing huge but he managed to beat his PB twice.
It turned out to be a very sociable session with some Spanish, friends of friends. I even got to watch the Madrid – Barca game in their bivvy, Spanish anglers like their home comforts.  Like many first time visitors here, Malcolm can’t wait to return…
We will be back on the bank in September, it’s around 41 degs at the moment, so were not on the bank…..Jeff is back,  the first client after our arrival in Extremadura, some 8 year ago. Some new groups venturing away from the French overstocked puddles and opting to take on this wild natural lake…. And of course our regulars, the crazy Dutch trio, David and Alex…  Looking forward to seeing you all..  Carp angling at its very best and in its purest form.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Winter fishing in Extremadura.

 We have had our first social session of the year, a couple of days at Sierra Brava in January with fellow guide Jake from Sierra Brava Dreams.

On arrival at Brava, we had a quick look around and decided to fish the pegs we fished in December. Getting there was easier said than done, the ground was boggy and soft, the tracks soon turned to deep mud under the weight of our vehicles. We had a good laugh getting there, skating and sliding about in our 4x4's, we even had to tow each other out a couple of times, but we eventually got to the swims.

The weather conditions were quite good; a stiff westerly with rain on the first morning and clear skies the second day, however the wind did get up quite strong and it was a little hard presenting rigs perfectly.

But never the less, I was soon into the fish, my first of the year a 26lb 4oz Mirror. I also had commons of 28lb 4oz, 23lb 8oz, one around 19lb and a couple of mid-teens, all taken on Vitalbaits boilies.

26lb 4oz Brava mirror

28lb 4oz Common
Next week I am fishing another venue for the second time with Spanish friends.. I fished it last March for a couple of days and blanked. We had easterlies then and only 1 carp was landed in the competition, this week’s forecast is strong westerly winds but cold, so hopefully this time I will land my first fish from the lake. Good luck to all those other anglers out there braving the cold….