Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November fishing in Extremadura

52lb 15oz
Yet another wild Orellana 50lb+ fish for Extrema Fishing Spain
In all I had - 52lb 15oz  - 47lb 4oz - 44lb 15oz - 4 x 30´s - 9x20´s and a 4 upper doubles.

I fished along side Martien, it is his 3rd year with us, and as usual only wanted a fishing partner, no advice or persuasion to change his ´helicopter rig´. He had 6 runs with this his biggest he landed at 34lb 14oz.

Unlike my previous session on Orellana where I dropped a lot of fish, I only pulled from 1 fish out of around 20 runs with the exact same setup, it just goes to show that it happens and if your rigs and set up is spot on, there’s no need to beat yourself up when loosing fish.

47lb 4oz

44lb 15oz

34lb 14oz for Martien

Young Derek (67) had a go at Barbel fishing with us, even though he opted to fish from around 9am till 6 he still had Barbel to double figures. After picking up several small carp on light tackle - he decided to target them and on his last day he worked it out that he spent 6 out of 10 hours fishing fighting the hard fighting doubles.