Sunday, October 04, 2009

Craig managed to get a little time to do some pleasure fishing with Steve and Linda. They all got beaten up by the small carp on float tactics, even the small carp here are very strong.

We have only managed a few days Carp fishing in-between Pleasure angling and loads of office work. Fish around the 25lb mark are showing regularly with a couple of 30s to 36lb and up to 5 runs a night.

A couple of PB’s for Tony and Arthur on their first trip here, Craig managed to make some free time to advise them, next time they will have a better idea of how to tackle the Orellana.

Thanks to Specialist tackle for the great prize in the TOKS 4 online competition. The ATTs silent alarms have arrived and hopefully won’t be silent for long. Carpology Magazine are covering the event in the European section and a small article about Craig winning the TOKS4 Summer contest will be featured soon.

Carpworld are covering the event for the UK area. We will be able to read about it as Craig also won a years subscription in the competition, another great prize

Thanks to Total Carp Magazine and JRC for awarding Andy a prize for his PB Common whilst fishing with us.

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