Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Flying Dutchmen return to Orellana

As expected the next week was full of laughs and banter. Derek, Erwin and Erik from Rotterdam like to enjoy themselves whilst here. The thing that fueled the situation was that the two lads fishing the opposite side of the bay with Lee were from Amsterdam, at one stage football songs were being chanted from both sides. Arno thought it was a good idea to join the Rotterdam boys for a few beers one afternoon; it wasn’t, especially drinking with Erwin. When he left, he was a right mess he could hardly walk, let alone steer the boat, Beer monster Erwin carried on drinking into the evening.

The fishing was a little slow, possible due to all the noise, however the lads had a few fish, they like to enjoy their holiday, a break from work with some fishing. Heres a couple of fish they caught, Erwin with his new PB 45.5lb Orellana uncaught Wild Common.

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