Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Orellana Carp Fishing

Another Dutch visitor was Biker Martien: As the big fella was traveling alone, Craig managed to sneak in a couple of days fishing with him. Martien was set in his ways and Craig couldn’t convince him to change the ´helicopter rig´ however he managed to get him to use our suggested hook bait – well after a couple of runs that is. All rods were changed and the fish started to come. He landed around a dozen ´small´ fish to 29lb and a mid 30 when the dreaded easterly wind arrived, the temperature dropped and the runs stopped, Craig in the meanwhile had a couple of fish to just below 39lb.

Boy can this bloke drink, there was a lot of banter going on between us and, at one stage a raiding party (Rob, Craig’s nephew who was over helping out, and Martien) boated across to Lee´s group in search of beer. Well as you can see they couldn’t have got much beer in the boat with the big lad so they had a few drinks with them on the otherside of the bay …

Luckily the fish started to feed again before he had to leave, another 7 runs between them and a new PB of just below 39lb for Martien on his final morning.

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