Friday, July 21, 2017

Short break sight fishing for Barbel and Carp on the Fly.

Well not much to report on the carp fishing side of things, we have had a couple of groups over and others Fly and pleasure fishing. 

Its not that we havent been doing anything, or fishing all the time, we have been solid on the Predator side of things.

Were in summer break now, not that its much of a break for us. We hope to get a bit of carp fishing in before the season starts, depending on the weather, and theres still more work to be done on the Barbel river fishing side. 
Justo with a typical River Barbel

Our Barbel set up - heavy tip rods and Korum River Pods,
 not over-powered carp set up. 

We had the pleasure of Bill and Robert two very experienced fly anglers over for a few days.
Conditions weren’t great as the heat wave was just coming to its end, but never the less they had plenty of action.

They had Barbel on the dry fly, a few small bass and carp, a day on the river section and final day on the boat. 

Robert tried the belly boat, the best system for bait presentation.

We didn’t get too many pictures as they both went off in separate directions and boy can these lads cover some distance

Mark was also over and had a dabble at the fly.

Darren was over carp fishing with the wife and 2 teenage kids. 

After a long day getting the ´family´ settled in and set up I went home to crash. ´smashed my PB´ is the text I got later. 

When I got back to them, it soon came apparent he had been beaten up by a lower 30lb common.. It was a couple of pounds short of his 36lb PB, but with the back and length of these fish he thought it was bigger. 

The youngsters had Pb tench and PB carp and had a great week. Unfortunately no pictures, gone missing like my phone charger DARREN.
See you next time...

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