Wednesday, February 01, 2017

New Barbel packages for 2017

There is a lot of interest in Barbel fishing and a fair few anglers booking with us, so over the last month or so we have been putting ideas together for new Barbel packages.
The new packages, at hand picked locations, will offer fishing at productive venues where we relocate with you and fishing is within a few minutes drive from the 'casa rural' accommodation. 

 There are not many swims where we can target the Barbel on lakes here, especially on traditional 'tip tactics' rather than the overpowering 'carp' set up, so we have designed our new packages based around this. 

To sum it up, we locate to a venue suitable for your requirements and depending on lake conditions, accommodation is only minutes away from swims, and whats more you can mix venues, 3 days on one venue and relocate during the day to another or even try the fantastic River section.

We will still have the normal package available based in our village with a varied selection of venues to fish, including the Orellana, all within 45 mins drive. 

Still a lot of work to be done, however we should have everything organised in a couple of weeks. 

Ellis Brazier was over mid November for 3 days with us, here is his article from Carp Talk

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