Friday, October 07, 2011

We have had a high pressure drifting over us for weeks now, no wind, hot – up to 38 degrees and no rain for months. The water needs oxygenating, but we are struggling on.

At the moment we have out a couple of pleasure anglers, they’re getting the odd fish- small Carp, Barbel and Crucian Carp. Mikes had several Carp to around 12lb - great fun on light tackle -  whilst ´ugly bloke Ian´ has had up to 18 fish a day consisting of Crucians averaging over 3lb and carp to double figures.   

I say ´ugly bloke Ian´ as he was called this by a little English boy whilst enjoying a beer in a bar. Ian said ´Fancy travelling all the way here to b e called ´ugly´ by an English Kid  - an ugly English kid at that´

 Next week sees the return of the 3 regular daft Dutch lads and back to Carp fishing, let’s hope theres a change in the weather, not that it’s forecasted another week of the dreaded easterly winds… Either way we are looking forward to seeing them again.

 Arthur (A young 72) visits us once a year with friend Tony (68) and fish an area of the lake where there’s lots of smaller fish around the 25lb mark. Due to the conditions they struggled and only had 9 runs in 5 days, however every now and then the area produces a bigger fish, and it was Arthur who got lucky with this PB 40lb Orellana Common. Well done mate.
As it was slow due to the abnormally hot weather, they joined Craig in an area for bigger fish. 
It was also hard work; however Craig managed the only 2 runs in the 3 days, one being the 59lb12oz Common that nearly dragged poor Arthur into the lake when it was in the landing net. We are not into naming fish, but this one was nicknamed - Tyson.
It never stopped fighting, even in the cradle, an animal. Not the best of looking fish at 59 lb 12 oz, but Craigs Orellana PB.

He has the luck this year, in 9 days fishing Feb and March he had 48lb, 46lb 4 oz, 44lb, 41lb 12oz, 40lb

Craigs 48lb Orellana carp, biggest of a 60 hour session in March. Also had a 39, 38.5, 36, 33, seven 20s and a couple of upper teens

Craig was asked to do a presentation on Carp fishing at a Fair in the area. Pedro Luengo, president of local Carp fishing Club Talacarp had asked us the last couple of years, but we never managed to get there due to being busy. Arthur and Tony wandered around as Craig showed anglers end tackle and explained about counter balanced baits and pop-ups.

Here´s Craig talking to a local Police officer about bait presentation, but what’s that face about!!!

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