Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Were back on the bank and into the new season after the summer break

Our first group of the season sees the return of John, Cliff and Mark - and what a hard week it was…..Temperatures in the upper thirties, little wind - the fish just didn’t want to feed, but they certainly showed themselves.

We literally had hundreds of fish topping in the area every day, and some were very big lumps. Cliff had 8 fish in total, 5 within six hours on the same rod. Then after a move to the mouth of the bay a couple of days later he had other 3 within two hours, again all on the same rod. In total he had 4 x 30lb plus fish, biggest a 37lb common, nothing like his 52lb Common last year, but he did have his first Orellana Mirror at 31lb.

So frustrating for Mark and John, seeing so many fish crashing over the baits but with only 1 run each, Johns on the first morning, and Marks on the last night. Well done to the lads for sticking it out.

Craig had a social session early September, just really checking out to see if the fish were showing and the features as the water level has dropped so much. They had several runs between them, mainly upper twenties with Craig and Philipe landing the largest fish of the session with these at 35lb and a 36.5lb for Philipe.

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