Saturday, March 12, 2011

Crazy February

Into February and what a funny old month we have had, the weather has been so changeable, and so was the fishing.

Peter and Charith from Holland were over early on in the month, temperatures were reaching into the 20´s every day, bright sunshine and not a hint of a breeze. Adding to that there was a very heavy frost every night and the pressures were sky high. The lads stuck at it despite the bad conditions, we moved them several times to try to get fish, even resorting to Brava for a couple of days. They managed 6 runs in total, nothing big, being experienced anglers, with PB´s of over 60lb, they knew the conditions were against us and appreciated the effort we made. They’re back later on in the year, so lets hope conditions are more favorable for their next visit.

Within a few days of their departure the weather changed, and so did the fishing. Craig and Lee were to have their first session of the year on Orellana. With a strong westerly and rain they were almost straight into the fish, landing several 20lb fish with a couple of lower 30´s. Regular visitor Stu was to join them for a couple of days. Craig left to collect him, and on returning, Lee was just about to land a decent fish, a helping hand soon had the 42lb 10 oz common sliding into the net. A few hours later, the big fella had done it again, this time a little over the 40lb mark.

The wind got stronger and stronger and at one stage, as they were fishing at distance, they couldn’t get the baits out. Stu and Craig managed to get a rod a piece out as the wind dropped for a few minutes. Other rods were placed in the margin, but to no avail. They didn’t have long before the action started, literally 2 hours later Craig’s distant rod screamed off, and the result was a 37.5lb common. A couple of hours later Stu was in, again at distance, and another common at 35.5lb.

The wind did eventually die down enough for baits to be presented right, even a bit of break from the rain to manage a B-B-Q. Craig had the luck, for once, and couldn’t go wrong; he has a knack for catching a phenomenal amount of upper 30lb fish. His sights have been set on a 20kg+ (44lb) fish, and he managed just that, not once, but twice..

In total Craig had fish at
46lb 4 oz, 44lb and 41lb 12oz. 5 x 30´s, 6 x 20´s and 1double

Lee managed
42lb 12oz, 40lb 4oz, 4x 30´s, 3x 20´s and 1 double.

Stu landed 2 fish at 35lb and 35lb 4oz

All fish were taken on VITAL BAITS

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