Thursday, September 30, 2010

We are really busy at the moment, we will get all our updates on as soon as possible, still more catch reports to come.

Jean from Holland gave us a call on the off chance he could get to fish the Orellana. He was on his way back from a trip to Morocco that was cut short due to problems.

After what seemed a long wait over the weekend, due to not being able to obtain licences, we were soon on the bank Monday lunch time.

As Jean was on his own so Craig managed to fish with him for part of the duration. After a couple of days in one area, they decided to move into the peg being vacated by another group of guests.

The new peg had produced many fish including many 30,s, a couple of 40´s and a fifty only days before. So leaving the first area with a 31lb and a couple of upper 20´s under Jean´s belt, one a Mirror, they settled into the new swim. Craig had already taken a 36lb Common from the first swim and was confident that between them they would land something bigger even though the full moon was lighting up the area like a search light. . It wasn’t to happen; they had around 7 runs each per day, mostly with the hard fighting 20lb plus commons. Several times Jean would say, √≠ts a big fish´ as the wild fish would scream off time and time again. These fish are wild, most have never seen a hook before and do not give up - even when in the net.

Between them they lost several fish, pulling out of some and loosing others into snags. Craig managed a slightly bigger stamp of fish, several just below the 30lb mark whilst Jean had fish mostly around 20-25lb.

We’ve since had a few days away from the bank now, preparing for the next groups that arrive this weekend, time to catch our breaths and organize the office, Great!!!

Next up more Dutch anglers, 1 new group and the return of the 3 flying Dutchmen, looking forward to this…

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