Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Rain in Spain

We have only managed to get down to the Orellana a couple of times over the last few days.

Firstly helping and giving advice to Andy with his new Microcat Baitboat. He decided to buy a boat with fish finder to help him get the best out of the limited pegs he can fish due to his disablement.

He ´s well chuffed with the boat as he soon banked this 42lb Orellana Common.

Our second trip put was equally eventful.
As he tried to leave the swim he found the rains had softened the ground and his van sunk into the mud. We soon got him out, but he was soon to sink again, and again, and again, our Nissan Patrol nearly copped for it too.

Eventually we managed to get him to the track and it was straight to the pub for a few well earned beers.

It’s not looking good to get any fishing in over the new week or so, there’s more rain to come and temperatures will be dropping dramatically.

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